Selected Writings

Here’s a selection of Uther’s writing including essays, prose pieces and poems:

Descent — An account of my radical journey into elemental simplicity and re-connection. (4000 words)

The Project Of Improvement Is Destroying The World — The solution is not inertia, but re-wilding. (2500 words)

5 Things You Probably Wont Do To Help Save The Planet From Imminent Climate Catastrophy — Some options you may not have considered. (2000 words)

The Cascading Global Climate Catastrophe — An assortment of climate change reports. (4000 words)

Blue-Green Star-Child — Poem about our beautiful Earth. (100 words)

Paradise Living — On the possibility of living on the Earth in peace, abundance and love.

Choosing Natural Simplicity — How simplicity is not only better for the planet but more enjoyable. (2000 words)

Love Letter From An Apocalyptic Future — Some analysts are saying that abrupt, catastrophic climate change is just around the corner. This piece explores how that catastrophe might feel. (2000 words)

Surrender — A poem about fierce love of elemental living. (100 words)

My Woodland Abode — A psychedelic description the hut I built deep in the woods and the wild reality I inhabited there. (5000 words)

First Light — A lyrical snapshot of waking up in my woodland abode. (500 words)

Roots — On walking through the woods as if I were a living part of them. (800 words)