Selected Writings

Here’s a selection of Uther’s writing including essays, prose pieces and poems:

Like It Or Not: The Revolution Is Near — On the groundswell of discontent in the face of overwhelming iniquity. (1000 words) (External link to Elephant Journal)

Why Aren’t We Setting Ourselves On Fire Yet? and Civil Disobedience, Radical Choices And Systemic Change – A two-part essay on the scale of the current planetary emergency and some radical suggestions for responding to it. (1000 and 2000 words)

Rebellion At The Palace Gates — Grief and rage at species loss and establishment inertia. (1500 words)

Waking Up From The Consumer Nightmare — It’s not going to be easy! (2000 words)

Descent — An account of my radical journey into elemental simplicity and re-connection. (4000 words)

The Project Of Improvement Is Destroying The World — The solution is not inertia, but re-wilding. (2500 words)

5 Things You Probably Won’t Do To Help Save The Planet From Imminent Climate Catastrophy — Some options you may not have considered. (2000 words)

The Cascading Global Climate Catastrophe — An assemblage of climate change reports. (4000 words)

Blue-Green Star-Child — Poem about our beautiful Earth. (100 words)

Paradise Living — On the possibility of living on the Earth in peace, abundance and love. (2000)

Choosing Natural Simplicity — How simplicity is not only better for the planet but more enjoyable. (2000 words)

Love Letter From An Apocalyptic Future — Some analysts are saying that abrupt, catastrophic climate change is just around the corner. This piece explores how that catastrophe might feel. (2000 words)

Surrender — A poem about fierce love of elemental living. (100 words)

My Woodland Abode — A psychedelic description of the hut I built deep in the woods and the wild reality I inhabited there. (5000 words)

First Light — A lyrical snapshot of waking up in my woodland abode. (500 words)

Roots — On walking through the woods as if I were a living part of them. (800 words)