Today I awoke to stream sounds and birdsong. Through my open felt-blanket door poured sunshine filtered green by the jungly canopy and rich air alive with verdant scents. My heart was full of wonder at the fullness of the natural beauty that surrounded me. I felt clearly that the gift of this day is valuable beyond calculation, wonderful beyond measure.

Day! What a beautiful word. If I allow it to roll around my tongue and my mind as I say it I feel a sense of expansion and delight. It opens, exceeds itself, reaches a fullness and extends into joy.

Day! What a wonder!

Yes, wonder feels like the most natural response to the day’s dawning, to the sun rising, and indeed to all that is illuminated by sun, moon, stars or any other form of light.

Why there isn’t more wonder in the world, I wonder? And what would it take to inhabit a permanent experience of wonder in the face of the day?

Perhaps it tales a cleansing of the doors of perception. Maybe a quieting of the mind. Possibly a greater appreciation of the Being of beings, as opposed to mere involvement with beings. Or the living of a life free of mechanical actions and heartless routines. Probably it has something, if not everything, to do with love.

All I really know is that wonder is the beginning and end of true philosophy, the most natural and sophisticated response to a direct encounter with the miracle that is this and every moment.

How to open repeatedly to that encounter is the question of prime importance in my life. I cannot answer it for anyone else. There are a billion ways, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, all of which can backfire.

One way to get in touch with this is to close our eyes and ears for a moment and imagine that nothing at all exists —the whole universe completely empty, void. Try to remain in that void state for a minute or two. Of course its hard to concentrate on the void, so accustomed are we to the world of beings. But if we were to remain in the still, empty, silent fullness of the void for any length of time we would, upon returning, have a heightened sense of appreciation: for the sheer exuberant existence of things, for the really quite strange and awesome fact that anything exists at all, anywhere. With this experience comes wonder, and a sense of the vastness of the gift that we each day live within and are part of.

However we get there, to live in wonder in a world ensouled is such a rich and full experience that it affords us the luxury of simplicity in external things. In the crisis of our times this is the one luxury we can afford lavishly to indulge in. Indeed, it’s the only luxury we cannot afford to do without.

Simplicity arising from wonder is the divine ground of ‘sustainability,’ the source of true wealth: the wealth of sunlight and birdsong; an untroubled heart, open and loving; time to be still and to really listen; the giving of the gifts with which we are laden and which ungiven become our burden.

May we all experience this day as a wondrous gift and give freely of the wondrous gifts that are ours to give.


A more beautiful world is possible,
He said.


It’s much more than possible:
It’s emerging.

It’s emerging from our opening hearts,
From our quickening reverence for the sacred earth,

From the re-awakening of the divine feminine power,
And from the soul-deep response of the divine masculine
To his eternal beloved,

And from their long-desired reunion.

It’s emerging from the star-seeded glyphs
And poetries
And prophesies
Of the golden age,
Planted long ago
In the fertile soil
Of our multi-dimensional minds,
And which are now unveiling themselves,
Awakening themselves,
Offering themselves to our
Real-time dreams and
Dreamtime visions,
Coalescing into a rainbow bridge
All across the globe.

It’s emerging from our every act of love,
Our every prayer for peace,
Our every gesture
Of divine humility:
The humility of stars
Shining in joy for no other reason than
Excess of light.

It’s emerging from the fissures,
Opening up and widening now,
In the self-dismantling matrix
Of separation.

It’s emerging from beneath and within the shadows of the psyche,
And from forgotten pockets of unbroken wholeness
Scattered across the continents of earth and soul.

It is emerging,
From being itself,
From the cosmic womb
That is emanating our whole universe of experience
Each moment
And infinite.

A new paradise is emerging upon this our miracle earth.
The dream is transfiguring within and around us.

We can experience it as grace.
We can experience it as divine unfolding.
We can allow ourselves to enter the field of its magic,
Its effortless transformative flow.

Our only job,
Is to let go
Into what we most truly love,
Into the ways of being,
The relationships,
The environments
And the activities that our souls have a complete and holy “yes” to.

This “yes” is our doorway into Paradise Earth.

This “yes” is the ecstatic response
Of the lover
In her lover’s arms,
A full and effortless embracing of the unique
And infinite possibilities
Of love
In the flowing moment
Of union.

This moment,
This one
And every moment,
Can be such a moment.

Are we willing to accept this?

No preparation is required.

We don’t need to stand on tiptoes to embrace our divine “yes”.
We don’t need to renounce our deepest desires
For joy,
Our “yes” arises from and flows into these desires.

Paradise is our natural state,
Our equilibrium point,
The most deeply sustainable way of life there is.

Paradise is our home,
Our gently beating heart,
Our indigenous, star-lit soul
Fully embodying
Here upon the stardust of Earth’s
Primordial matrix,
A spontaneously self-shaping creation
Of inexhaustible magic.

We stand at a turning point
Between the apogee of global disaster
And the gentle dawning
Of a beauty and grace
Which is beyond our hitherto wildest dreams,

A solstice of destiny.

The awe and wonder at who we are
And the vastness of the transformation that is emerging
Is bringing our hearts to their knees
In excruciating
And blissful
To a reality that is at once impossibly magnificent
And as tender-soft and close as breath.

Amidst the wreckage of the disaster
We can allow ourselves to be broken
To a grace and beauty
Of multiversal proportions,
To the unfathomable truth
And infinite goodness that we already are
And have always been,
And to the miracle that is

‘Apogee’ refers to the highest point in the development of something; a climax or culmination; also, significantly, the point in the orbit of the moon or a satellite at which it is furthest from the earth. In Taoist philosophy, whenever Yin or Yang reach their most extreme expression, their apogee, they naturally and spontaneously begin to transform into their opposite.


I Live In The Woods

I live in the woods
In a little mud hut
That I built with my hands
By a fast flowing stream,
Whose water I drink,
Whose music I love.

I live in the woods
In a little mud hut
With a warm glowing hearth
Where fire spirits play,
Where fire spirits dance,
Sharing their light and their heat.

I live in the woods
In a little mud hut
Amongst mossy old rocks
On the side of a mountain,
On whose summit an angel
Spreads her great wings.

I live in the woods
In a little mud hut,
There are trees all around here
In every direction,
A sky full of branches
Danced by the wind.

The smoke from my hearth,
The prayers from my heart,
The songs that I sing,
The joy that fills me,
All mingle with the pulse of life
In the woods where I live.