Love falls as rain.
Love shines as sunlight.
Love is molten stardust
Solidifying into Earth.

Love flows through our eyes
Both ways,
Illuminating the world.

Love dances in rainbow flashes.
Love sleeps in stones.
Love sings in the moonlight
And whispers in the silence.

Love moves through our muscles like a dancer,
Through our dreams like a child.
Love leaps through our hearts
Like a deer in the dawn-lit forest.
And love flies like a hunter’s loosened arrow.

Deep in the jungle
Love grows
Like a vine of wonder
And becomes a serpent
Twined around its divine lover:
It’s own bright half.

What love is,
Night and day,
Day and night,
Is the the two halves of love




Like honey from a jar,
Each moment adhering to the next
In primal resonance,
Light flows into me
Towards the root of things.

I sometimes open deep enough
To breathe down to my toes,
Or let the singing stream
Remember me to the sea.

I sometimes clothe the mountain of my mind
In thunder
Loud enough to loosen rock
From rock,
And send them falling
Down through the abyss.

I sometimes sit with the dying embers
As one by one they crumble and fade,
Pursuing them into the blackening darkness
Where name cannot follow.

From the quiet root of things
The day is born
And, circling like the sun,
A lover to his lover’s arms

Where time and light dissolve
Like honey into wine
Or breath into bone.

If I open,
Light flows into me
To its home.