To dance with the Devas,

Silk-robed in moonlight,

Wild hide

Ragged glistening

As the flames tumble and rise;


To consent to bear a humble place

Here amidst the wonders,

Brother to mud, root and stone,


To the mystery;


To fall 


Again and again,

Within the spiralling cycles

Of growth, death,

Darkness, light;


To let the soul be broken 


By winter’s cold fingers,

By summer’s baking heat,

Quiet mind 

Sparkling tender,

Unshielded from Earth’s embrace;


Be become a fragment of divine lightning


For a moment 

Through the void,

Alive to the fierce magic of creation’s song

And home to silences bright and deep;


To welcome only the freely- and forever-given gifts

Of the nourishing land

And the vast dreaming of the sky—

Clean fruits that bless

The alter of hands and heart;


To capitulate to the demands of simplicity;

To let go into what is primordially here;

To become transparent to the changes 

And clothed in an enfolding jungle of leaf-eyed seeing;


To embrace the deep past,


And the deep future,

In the aliveness of the sky-clad moment;


To surrender, O to surrender

To the primitive luxury

Of grace and textured ground,

Wilfully fated to the elemental exigencies of this miracle Earth—

A hollow reed


Beside the gently rippling lake.


Wealth of starlight,

River of salt tears,

Fragrant humus

Endlessly renewed.