Natural Building Party





Come join a group of 13 people to co-create a hobbity roundhut from natural materials using basic tools and simple processes.

We’ll be making a slightly less jungly version of this wild hut.

We’ll be building a complete roundhut from start to finish so that everyone can get an experience of the whole process and have a full introduction to the gentle art of roundhut-making.

It’s not a course as much as a participatory process with an emphasis on sharing a safe and creative group space into which the built structure can emerge.

The building process will be both focused and relaxed. We’ll need everyone to be fully involved in the build and willing to get stuck in to all aspects of roundhut creation, but there’ll also be plenty of space for rest and reflection throughout.

I’ll be leading the party, having built 8 of these kind of huts previously with similar groups. There’s nothing complicated about this kind of structure and no previous building experience is necessary to participate.

The roundhut we’ll be building will have a 13ft internal diameter and comprise the following elements:

  • Wooden platform

  • Wool-insulated sub-floor

  • Circular straw-bale wall

  • Three large windows

  • Rustic door

  • Reciprocal-frame green roof

  • Earthen plaster

The venue is Vallis Veg Farm, an 18 acre agroecological project just outside Frome in Somerset where Cordelia and Chris and their lovely team are growing fabulous food in sustainable ways while managing the land with a keen eye to bio-diversity.

They also run a sweet woodland campsite there with great rustic facilities among trees they planted 13 years ago soon after moving onto the land.

Accommodation will be bring-a-tent camping among the trees, with hearty plant-based lunch and dinner provided. In the evenings there’ll be fires, moon-gazing, songs, games and some gentle process work around co-creativity and our connection to the earth.

At the end of the party it’s hoped that everyone will be taking away a useful amount of natural building experience and an inspiring sense of the possibilities of communal co-creation. And we’ll be leaving behind not only a beautiful roundhut for Cordelia and Chris to use in whatever way makes most sense for their brilliant project, but also the bright echos of many songs, much laughter, and heartful sharing.

Suggested donation is £300 per person to help cover the cost of building materials and food. Camping, lunch, dinner and fireside activities included.

Bookings are currently being taken at the crowdfunding page where I’m raising funds to run this building party as the first offering of a social enterprise I’m in the process of starting up. Visit the that page here. If you really want to attend but for whatever reason can’t book through the crowdfunding page, please contact me.