In these exciting times of energy descent and cultural metamorphosis, Roundhuts are robust and cosy portals into a more elemental way of being on the Earth, in harmony with the circle of life.

Shaped from simple materials using basic hand-tools and gentle processes, these wild structures are light-footed, One-Planet creations.

They offer inexpensive, ultra-low-impact shelter for anyone seeking to move into a closer relationship with the land.

Roundhuts make comfortable homes for one or two humble earth-dwellers. For more space, two or more circles can be joined.

They can be built in as little as 10 days by a work party of 10-12 people and have an estimated life-span of 25 years.

The cost of basic materials varies depending on size and other factors, ranging from £1,000-£9,000.

Simple Design
  • Sizes between 11ft and 18ft internal diameter = 95 -255 sqft
  • Insulated wooden platform
  • Circular strawbale wall
  • Three large windows
  • Reciprocal frame green roof
  • Earthen plaster
  • Spacious overhang for porch / storage
  • Easy to fit woodburner or open hearth


Soul-Nurturing Shelter
    • Earth-friendly
    • Great fun to build in a friendly group
    • Wonderfully easy to heat and maintain
    • Gentle on the eye, blending almost invisibly into any natural environment
    • Healing and nourishing circular-living spaces
    • Massively simplifying


While living in such a basic dwelling does have its challenges, what I think is really great about these huts is:

  • They are Earth-friendly, made from mostly very simple natural materials and built using only basic hand-tools.
  • They are very inexpensive to create, to maintain, and to live in, eliminating the need for lifelong debt and wage-slavery, allowing more freedom to do the work that one loves and offer one’s gifts and talents to the world.
  • They occasion a close relationship to the elements, the seasons, natural rhythms and cycles, offering shelter without cutting one off from the encompassing web of life.

If you’d like me to help you make yourself a roundhut, please get in touch.

Special thanks to the Earth Pathways Diary for awarding £500 seed-funding for tools and equipment to help make roundhuts and teach the gentle art of hut-building.