Civil Disobedience, Radical Choices and Systemic Change

This is the second part of an essay that begins here. Part one is called “Why Aren’t We Setting Ourselves On Fire Yet? It is an impassioned call to action in response to the continued failure of governments around the world to respond to the escalating climate crisis: the latest IPCC report says that we […]

Why Aren’t We Setting Ourselves On Fire Yet?

Seriously, it’s time to act as if everything we love is in the gravest peril. Because it is. We’ve heard in the past month or so that we have at most 12 years to slash global carbon emissions by 50% in order to stand a chance of averting apocalyptic climate catastrophe in the decades to […]

Waking Up From The Consumer Nightmare

Often I feel like I’m waking up from a long, horrible dream in which I’ve been participating in the destruction of everything I love. My heart is still thumping with fear and self-revulsion at where I’ve just been. The cold sweat still clings to my skin. As the cobwebs clear from my eyes I find […]