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  1. You’re incredible man. I’m leaving in just under two weeks. My friend has undeveloped land next to a national park. I will set home base there while I trap and fish and explore. Ideally I will find a cave next to a creak.
    Your video and page is inspiring. I was starting to build up fear in anticipation, but you have re encouraged me.

  2. Glad to be of inspiration, but a cave in the deep wilds is much further than I went. I don’t think I could have done what I did without quite a lot of support from a sympathetic community of earthdwellers, and I used a nearby wholefood shop for basic foodstuffs, so compared to what you have planned I had it easy, and even then it was very difficult, nearly broke me at times, although overall it was a beautiful experience.
    Good luck on your adventure, be kind to yourself,

  3. Aum oak
    My life with amma and in amritapuri is for me living simple and in renunciation .and what for you are the elements to me is ammas energy and bhajan and meditation .i would like to experience your lifestyle as a holiday ,so i sincerely wish you to realize your calling your dream, so that many of us can benefit from it. Love peace grace Miranda

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