Today I awoke to stream sounds and birdsong. Through my open felt-blanket door poured sunshine filtered green by the jungly
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Beautiful Darkness
Here is another piece from my years in the woods. I wrote the dark heart of this one last midwinter,
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Returning to this piece—originally written about a year ago when I was still in deep retreat—I couldn’t help marvelling at
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Carn Ingli Dragon's Back
Carn Ingli
Here I am on top of Carn Ingli last autumn. Carn Ingli means ‘Mountain of Angels’. It’s the name of
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I Live In The Woods
I live in the woods In a little mud hut That I built with my hands By a fast flowing
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Day! Like honey from a jar, Each moment adhering to the next In primal resonance, Light flows into me Towards
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Love falls as rain. Love shines as sunlight. Love is molten stardust Solidifying into Earth. Love flows through our eyes
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Holy Mountain
How often does change, even positive change, feel like death? With each step Onto the holy mountain I am slain.
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