Forest Bathing

Over the years I’ve formed a strong and joyful relationship with nature as healer. Simply by being immersed in the woods through the changing seasons, dancing in deep intimacy with the elements, imbibing nature’s deep green medicine, I feel I have received profound healing. Over time I’ve learned to amplify this simple immersion with more focused meditative practices, thereby becoming more deeply open and present to the aliveness and the healing magic of the forest.

In natural woodland the web of life is still vibrant and diverse. The complex, harmonious kaleidoscope of wild shapes, scents, textures and sounds entrains our senses to a field of sentence much greater than the limited spectrum of normal human consciousness. It tunes our bodies to more natural rhythms, relaxing and grounding us into a deeper relationship with the energetics of earth and sky.

The combination of nature immersion and meditative practice is what I call Forest Bathing. It is a beautiful way to re-connect with the healing powers and the living wisdom of the quiet woods and to re-establish a soulful and sensually awakened relationship to the primary source of our physical and psychological wellbeing—the living Earth.

I offer one-to-one forest therapy sessions and small retreats. Please get in touch if you feel drawn to work with me in this way. The practices are gentle, mindful, connective. The rewards are deep calm, enlivened senses and renewed wellbeing.

“Here, deep in the woods, with only self-shaping nature visible in every direction, every way we look our eyes are met by living presences happy that we are here. All around us, as we move through the vaulted cathedral spaces formed by arching boughs, a panoramic party of extraordinary beings is in full swing—a wildwood party to which we are innately invited…

If we are quiet inside as we move or sit amidst this myriad of playful, interwoven subjectivities, and if we are open to them, whispers of welcome are offered at every moment; fey voices speaking languages of wild fragrance and colour call to us, sparkling their greeting to our subtle senses….

Yes, the Earth knows us as we walk her textured surface, is aware of us as we sit with her, feels each breath we take, each beat of our heart, each rippling thought that leafs and flowers in the forests of our minds. She is with us always, supporting us in being, each step of this multi-dimensional earth-walk…

Can we hold this awareness as we walk together deeper into the woods, along a narrow ribbon of path, oaks rising taller and older all around us, holly and hazel clustering amongst an increasingly jungly gathering of sylvan revellers? Can we remain awake to the fields of sentience we move through as we move, holding our own aliveness open to being experienced through the extraordinary sensory apparatus of countless wild beings, and, through the combined sentience of all these, by the vast loving intelligence of the living Earth herself, whose presence shines through all?

We can try. We can open. We can choose to feel ourself being known by knowers other than our own rational kind, sensed by a kaleidoscope of sentiences broader than our homo-sapience has hitherto appreciated.”