The Cascading Global Climate Catastrophe

‘The gap between public perception and scientific reality is now enormous.’  James Hansen Environmental scientists are describing our current era as the sixth mass extinction event in the history of planet Earth. Already we are losing over 200 species per day. About half of all plants and animal species in the world’s most biodiverse places […]

Blue-Green Star-Child

Soil-skinned Leaf-pelted Tree-limbed Lion-throated Dolphin-hearted Crystal-minded Mystery Ocean deep and deeper Magma deep and deeper Quantum deep Nirvana deep Miracle deep Mother of all things Wolf wise Weather wild Honey soft Rainbow bright Stone strong Raven dark Petal gentle Star child Storm-eyed Daughter of the sun Veined with gold And flowing silver waters Root kissing […]

Love Letter From An Apocalyptic Future

It’s August 2028. There’s no longer a question as to what will happen next: The drama of life on Earth is coming to a close. Global temperatures have risen a full degree in the last 10 years alone, bringing the rise to over 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels. For the last five winters there has […]