Waking Up From The Consumer Nightmare

Often I feel like I’m waking up from a long, horrible dream in which I’ve been participating in the destruction of everything I love. My heart is still thumping with fear and self-revulsion at where I’ve just been. The cold sweat still clings to my skin. As the cobwebs clear from my eyes I find […]


Through the jungly woods I wander, my feet following a meandering course from nowhere to nowhere, savouring the enchantment of nature’s wild palace. Here in the timeless halls my normal references dissolve and I am revealed to myself as naked amidst the changes. Such a relief. Whispering leaves weave a soothing backdrop of soft sound […]

A Solstice of Destiny

One the one hand, the global situation today is as bleak as it has ever been throughout the long ages of homo sapiens existence: our planet is in grave peril from cascading climate change and ecological collapse—global temperatures soar, artic sea-ice is disappearing, the forests are burning and the oceans are on the edge of […]