Snakeskin of flickering light. Spent hopes Gathered up like shells And ground by the algorithms into ash-soft fictions Dense as ironwood. Rotting pylons Abandoned on the desert sands. Feathered scales spill out of the sun. Razor-edged Radiation-tinged trajectories Tumble Into the stories we tell our ancestors And our lotus children. Fools of inter-space proliferate, Forever browsing […]


“A more beautiful world is possible,” He said. No. Let’s say: “It’s emerging”. Let’s see it emerging from our opening hearts,  From our quickening reverence for the sacred earth, From the soul-deep response of the divine masculine To the re-awakening of his eternal beloved. Let’s hear it singing from the star-seeded glyphs  And poetries  And […]

Blessed Darkness

Approaching the Winter Solstice here in the Northern hemisphere, my heart reaches out to celebrate the beauty of darkness. It’s true, I’m not going to hide it: I’m a member of the dark side, a champion of the dark forces, a friend of the night. Living for years without electricity, not even using candles for […]