Carn Ingli (Mountain Of Angels)

(I’ve posted a version of this poem before so you might recognise it.) I bow down before the holy mountain, Divine body of the Infinite. I walk her shining pathways. My bare feet caress her granite skin, My heart sparkles in the music of her dancing streams. I lay my bones down upon the mountain side. […]

Rebellion At The Palace Gates

Cold Stone and Fierce Love My heart is breaking. Every fibre of its delicate sentience is being violated by a reality as harsh as holocaust. Its soft tissues are torn to shreds. I can barely breathe though the pain of it. Yesterday I attended Extinction Rebellion’s funeral march in honour of extinct and soon-to-be extinct […]

Dawn Of Rebellion

A mass uprising has begun. Last weekend, on Saturday 17th November, five of London’s main bridges were occupied by protesters in what was the largest co-ordinated act of civil disobedience the British capital has seen for decades.  Around 6,000 people in total from across the UK were involved, motivated by love for the Earth and […]