I’m Uther Miraiam, here to heal and to remember how to live gently and mindfully on our Earth.

My highest aspiration in this life is to dwell harmlessly amidst the great beauty and mystery of nature, deeply present in wonder at the miracle that is this and every moment.

On a material level all that I need for this is simple shelter, simple food, simple clothing, good company and clear access to the four great elements. Everything else, I find, only gets in the way.

At a psychological level I seek to face and own my shadows, to walk through my fears, and to release the pain I carry so that I am free to drop into deeper relationship with what is.

On a spiritual level my work is to unveil the light of awareness in my heart and then to hold the world within it’s divine embrace. To do so, I believe, is to give the greatest gift that is mine to give: the gift of witnessing presence.

And so I walk a path of compassionate simplicity—letting go of superfluities, journeying through the shadows of the psyche towards a place of wholeness, cultivating awareness—in order to become more fully present and awake here on the holy ground of Earth.

On this site you’ll find a collection of my writings and other media inspired by the marriage of simple living and miracle consciousness, as well as a few other offerings foraged among the wonders or hand-crafted beside my gently flickering hearth.

I hope some of what you see here will inspire you to greater simplicity and wonder in your own miraculous Earth-walk!

In Peace, Uther