Uther is a myth and a mystery come to life. A peculiar being at once wildly ancient and in the throes of being born, he spans both the deep past and the emerging future as one who might be a bridge—if he can only keep his feet in the present and his heart open.

On this site you’ll find Uther’s story of long retreat in the magic of nature, during which time-out-of-time he foraged many insights among a thousand mossy days and star-kissed nights deep in the woods of Wales and sunk his roots into the sentient soil of the living Earth.

You’ll also find a description of the motivating vision with which he emerged from retreat in October 2017, a selection of his writings, information about the hobbity structures he creates and the natural building courses he teaches, plus a selection of spoons he’s carved for the craft-market.

A Strange Choice

To dance with the devas;
To accept a humble place
Within the cycles of growth and decay,
Darkness and light;

To minimise both wants and needs
In accordance with what is gladly given by the nourishing land
And the vast dreaming of the sky;

To surrender to the elemental exigencies of being here upon the Earth,
Welcoming both the natural challenges and the wondrous gifts this brings;

To capitulate to the demands of simplicity;
To let go into what is primordially here;
To embrace the deep past
And the deep future
In the wild aliveness of the sky-clad moment:

This, my strange choice,
A primitive luxury.

Wealth of starlight,
Fragrant humus
Endlessly renewed.

I am Uther.

This blue-green body of love and magic
Is my home.


My highest aspiration is simply to dwell gently amidst the great beauty and mystery of nature, deeply present in awe and wonder to the miracle that is this and every moment.

For this all I need on a material level is simple shelter, simple food, simple clothing, clear access to the four great elements and, ideally, a culture of peace around me. In fact, I find that everything else only gets in the way.

I believe that such simplicity arising from and flowing back into wonder is the divine ground of ‘sustainability,’ the doorway into natural abundance. I call this way of life ‘Paradise Living‘.

Circles of Earth

“Beneath its shaggy green roof the hut smiles a muddy-toothed greeting. It’s cute, like something from a fairytale, earthy and dreamlike at the same time. There’s not a straight line in sight, only textured organic contours flowing gently along with the mood of the woods.

The soft roundness of the interior feels lovely, like a warm embrace. Its circularity reflects that of the horizon, of our animal eyes, the sun, moon and circling seasons. Our bodies and minds can deeply relax and be at peace here, held in a rare space of shelter without separation from environing nature.”

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